The James River Park System - Richmond, VA

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North Geology Tour

Stop 9: Dead Rock

DIRECTIONS: Continue to walk upriver. Near the second ramp you come to, look for a rock painted with a large red, white, and blue Grateful Dead skull. (37.52936° N, 077.45585° W)

dead rock

In 1967, the Grateful Dead band had a party here after a show in Richmond.

Folklore has it that a family from the nearby neighborhood of Oregon Hill painted this design from the cover of a record album in memory of one of their sons who loved the band.

Although graffiti in the park is strictly prohibited and enforced by law, ‘Dead Rock’ is a historic landmark because it existed before Belle Isle opened in 1991 as parkland. This rock is likely the MOST POPULAR SPOT in the James River Park System. ROCK and roll!

Dead Rock is also a great example of an EXFOLIATED piece of granite.

Dead rock exfoliation

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