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JRPS Publications

These pamphlets, written by Park Manager Emeritus Ralph White, are available for $2 each at Riverside Outfitters, Visitor's Center at the Bell Tower in Capital Square and the Valentine Museum. Riverside Outfitters has the best selection.

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Our pamphlets can be bought online. You may also be interested in

Some can also be downloaded here as PDF files:

Other publications:

  • A Walk on the Wall: An Interpretive Guide to the Richmond Floodwall
  • An Interpretive Guide to Belle Isle
  • Snorkeling in the City
  • Welcome to Pump House Park


If you’re looking for a little river reading, we recommend the following:

  • At the Falls: Richmond, Virginia and Its People, Marie Tyler McGraw (buy online)
  • Falls of the James, David D. Ryan (find online)
  • Falls of the James Atlas, William E. Trout, III, James Moore, III, and George D. Rawls (buy online)
  • In River Time, Ann Woodlief 
  • Insiders’ Guide to Richmond, Maureen Egan (buy online)
  • The James River in Richmond, John Bryan
  • Nonesuch Place: A History of the Richmond Landscape, T. Tyler Potterfield (buy online)
  • Richmond Burning, Nelson D. Lankford (buy online)
  • True Richmond Stories, Harry Kollatz, Jr. (buy online)

rafting group

The Belle Isle quarry pond is a calm respite in the middle of downtown Richmond. The dock shown here is wheelchair accessible. A climbing area is adjacent.