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The James River Park System has lots of friends. Tell them we said “hey.”

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

(804) 780-1392
The James flows into the Chesapeake Bay, so everything we can do upriver will help improve the health of the bay. To that end, CBF regularly sponsors programs in the park to improve water quality and encourage conservation.

Coastal Canoeists
This organization is a great resource for paddlers. Many local opportunities, including classes and trips, are available around Richmond once you connect with other members.

Fly Fishers of Virginia
Besides attending local meetings with expert speakers, members also volunteer in the Healing Waters program, teaching those serving in the Armed Forces who are in rehab at McGuire VA Hospital learn the ins and outs of fly-tying and fishing as part of their healing process.

James River Advisory Council (JRAC)

P.O. Box 40  
(804) 748-1567    
Chesterfield VA 23832
A regional body with representatives from local counties and cities, businesses, and advocacy groups, this organization sponsors the James River Parade of Lights in December, James River Days from April through December, and the James River Regional Clean Up in June.  

James River Association (JRA)

9 South 12th St.
Richmond VA 23219
(804) 788-8811
Dedicated to safeguarding the entire 340 miles of the James River, JRA is a conservation organization based in Richmond. JRA offers occasional workshops, tours, and events for river-lovers.

James River Outdoor Coalition (JROC)

P.O. Box 297
Richmond, VA 23219
This well-muscled group is serious about improving JRPS trails and paddling access and amenities. Thank them for their work on the 14th St. take-out, for one thing.

Richmond Audubon Society

P.O. Box 26648
Richmond, VA 23261
(804) 257-0813
These folks are always tweeting about the great birding opportunities in the park and offer occasional field trips and bird walks. 

Richmond Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts (RA-MORE)
This dedicated group of mountain bikers has been responsible for some of the best trail-building in the city—in the JRPS and the adjacent Forest Hill Park, especially. RA-MORE volunteers put in hard labor to construct trails, bridges, and alternate routes that keep walkers and riders safer. Their work has been instrumental in making Richmond a mountain biking mecca.

Richmond Road Runners Club
Trailrunners love Richmond, and this group’s site is a great resource to map your next route and meet up with like-minded (and legged) runners.

Sierra Club -- Falls of the James Group

P.O. Box 25201
Richmond VA 23260
This environmental group was instrumental in getting the park conservation easement in place, and you’ll see its members hiking the park’s trails as well as advocating for greenways and viewsheds.

Sports Backers
Dominion RiverRock and the Maymont X-Country Festival are just two of the outdoor events Sports Backers produces that take advantage of some of the great natural features of the James River Park System. Participating in one of their races is a great way to get an almost guided tour of the park trails.


Recreational bikers, runners and hikers benefit from the excellent work of JROC and RA‐MORE who help build and maintain the trails.