Getting There

So, you’d like to go to the park. Great! We’ve got some ideas for you below, including parking information. Don’t forget to take a look at the park rules and safety info -- links to the left.

And to see maps of the Park locations, visit our Map it! page.

Locations and Parking

Main Area: 43rd Street, Reedy Creek and 22nd Street Entrances

4401 Riverside Dr.
2301 Riverside Dr.
2101 Riverside Dr.
Richmond VA 23225
The main area has three entrances off Riverside Dr., south of the river. The 43nd St. entrance has parking for 30 cars. There is a trail along a river channel and river access over several small islands. The park system's headquarters is located at the nearby Reedy Creek canoe launch area with parking for 15 cars. Restrooms and a drinking fountain at the park headquarters are rarely open except for special programs. The 22nd Street entrance has parking for about 45 cars. There is a short walk to trails and dry rocks behind a dam that provides an alternate access to Belle Isle. There is a mountain bike trail that links the Riverbed Trail to the Buttermilk Trail.

Belle Isle

300 Tredegar St.
Richmond VA 23219
The main access to Belle Isle is by pedestrian footbridge from Tredegar St. on the north shore (zip code 23219). Alternate access is by wooden bridge near 22nd St. or by rock-hopping from the south shore. Parking tends to be crowded at Tredegar St. on weekends -- only about 50 spaces. Large flat rocks surrounding the island make for good sunbathing, but the water is rough around the rapids and not suitable for swimming. Children should be supervised. Additional features include wooded trails, mountain biking trails, interpreted historical sites, wheelchair-accessible fishing at the quarry pond, and a granite wall for rock climbing.

Pony Pasture

7310 Riverside Dr.
Richmond VA 23225
This is a popular swimming and sunbathing area. It also provides access for Class II whitewater boating and good fishing for smallmouth bass. River features include multiple small rapids and lots of big rocks. There is parking for 150 cars but crowded conditions make summer parking extremely difficult.  For less hassle, visit Pony Pasture from late May to early September before 11 a.m.

The Wetlands

3401 Landria Dr.
Richmond VA 23225
The Wetlands area is located just downstream of Pony Pasture at the end of Landria Dr. and features walking trails, wildlife blinds and excellent opportunities to watch birds. There is also a shallow sandy beach with flat water. Parking for 7 cars.

Riverside Meadow

7600 Riverside Dr.
Richmond VA 23225
Riverside Dr. between Huguenot Flatwater and Pony Pasture
This is a walk or bike-in spot only. No parking, but nice fishing, wading, and, with Riverside Outfitters, recreational treeclimbing.

Huguenot Flatwater

8600 Southampton Rd.
Richmond VA 23235
Flatwater access via a wooden ramp for canoes, kayaks, and inner tubes. Excellent fishing upstream at Bosher's Dam. Riverside trails lead to fishing sites downstream. Parking for 35 cars.

Pumphouse Park

1627 Pump House Drive
Richmond VA 23221
There is no river access at this part of the park, but there are canals with river water in them, paths, and a gorgeous Romanesque building that was once the pumphouse for the city. Turn onto Pump House Dr. just north of the Boulevard Bridge tollbooth. You can't miss the building. Plenty of on-street parking. Be careful with children here as there are many hazards.

North Bank Trail and Texas Beach

1941 Texas Ave.
Richmond VA 23220
At the end of Texas Ave. Long trail leads to isolated sandy beach areas and sunbathing rocks and connects to the Belle Isle Pedestrian Bridge to the east. Parking for 30 cars.

Pipeline or Trestle Trail

S. 12th St. 
Richmond VA 23219
At the end of S. 12th St. downtown, a lovely getaway spot to see the Pipeline Rapids up close and, in season, catch Great Blue Herons nesting in their riverview rookery.  There’s parking for only a few cars, but the overlooks are worthy and, if you don’t mind climbing down a metal ladder and walking on the pipeline, the walk is an unexpected treat in the middle of a city.  Of course, pay attention to water levels for safety’s sake. Parking for 7 cars.

Great Shiplock Park/Chapel Island

2701 Dock St.
Richmond VA 23219
Historic shiplock and canal that once serviced the tobacco warehouses along Dock Street. Parking for 15 cars. Access Chapel Island through Great Shiplock to enjoy paddling, hiking, fishing and birding. Accessible boat ramp.

Ancarrow’s Landing/Manchester Slave Dock

2000 Branders St.
Richmond VA 23224
The easternmost section of the Park, it’s a popular fishing spot with a concrete boat ramp and a parking lot that accommodates over 100 cars and trailers. It’s also the beginning of the Richmond Slave Trail. This section is located at the end of Brander St. Take the Maury St. exit off I-95 and turn right.

Manchester Climbing Wall

Richmond VA 23224
The Manchester Climbing Wall is located under the Manchester Bridge just south of downtown Richmond, and is a series of abandoned train trestles that have been equipped with bolts and shutts. To watch climbers, take Semmes to the Floodwall parking lot, just before the entrance onto the Manchester Bridge going north and follow the path down near the railroad tracks. If you're climbing, there's a parking lot for climbers accessible from the streets off 7th St.

Local climber Michael Greeby has produced a guide to climbing the Manchester Wall and pillars. Download the guide. (pdf)


railroad over river

HQ renovated!

Reedy Creek headquarters is newly renovated, so stop by at our next meeting. We meet the first Tuesday of most months at 6:30 p.m. Email us at for more information.