Richmond is one of the few cities that allows rock climbing inside the corporate limits. Tree climbing with an outfitter in some parts of the park has gained in popularity over the years, too. And, yes, we have to say that you climb at your own risk.

Recreational Tree Climbing

We’re not talking about climbing the oak in your grandmother’s backyard. This is about ropes, ascenders, harnesses, helmets, gloves, and a good workout. At the top, the view is quite fine. Call Riverside Outfitters to schedule a climb.

Riverside Outfitters
6836 Old Westham Pkwy.
(804) 560-0068

Rock Climbing

The Manchester Climbing Wall and the quarry wall at Belle Isle offer rock climbing challenges.

The Manchester Climbing Wall is located under the Manchester Bridge in downtown Richmond, and is a series of abandoned train trestles that have been equipped with bolts and shutts. Here climbers can hone their skills of leading, both trad and sport, rappelling, and self-rescue. Climbers and non-climbers alike will enjoy a visit to this uncommon section of the JRPS.

Local climber Michael Greeby has produced a guide to climbing the Manchester Wall and pillars. Download the guide. (pdf)

To make sure that you’re prepared, sign up for classes and practice time at Peak Experiences, the largest indoor climbing gym on the East Coast.

Peak Experiences
11421 Polo Circle
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Belay? Belay on!

Belle Isle has several rock climbing options for experienced climbers. Quarry rock is shown here.