Bird Watching

Bald eagles, cormorants, bufflehead ducks, Great Blue herons, warblers and more will make it easy to add to your life list. Richmond Audubon Society members lead bird walks occasionally throughout the park.

eagle in flight
Bald eagle

Richmond is the only capital city in the lower 48 that has bald eagles nesting within its city limits.

For a bit more information about bird life at the James River Park, visit the Wildlife/Birds section.

A blue heron takes flight on the James.

A steady friend

Area birders and naturalists know that the great blue herons, a non‐migratory, likes the river habitat so much that they have established several rookeries or breeding grounds on small islands found downtown.

Paddlers don’t need their binoculars to get a good look. Hiking tours given by local groups are also a great way to learn more.