The James River Park System - Richmond, VA

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Otters! Lots of them!

Spotted and photographed this summer by James River Park enthusiasts, now documented by the JRP Science in the Park game camera sleuths. Our park is healthy for these animals to be around. And so frisky!

Watch for the debut of 'BIODIVERSITY', a new Science in the Park section coming soon ... with many more videos of Lontra canadensis and other secretive park inhabitants!

Science in the Park
photo of underwater

Welcome to Science in the Park!

Science in the Park provides science-focused educational materials about the geology, habitats, and flora and fauna of the James River Park System in Richmond, VA. We hope to enrich the Park experience for local and regional school systems, communities, visitors and regular users of the park through web-based, self-directed explorations, guides, videos, and lesson plans. Only when people know something can they love it; only when people love something will they cherish and protect it.

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River Fauna

Our project has been funded by ALTRIA. It is a collaborative effort between Virginia Commonwealth University’s Rice Center Environmental Outreach Education and the VCU Biology Department, Ralph White, the Friends of the James River Park, the City of Richmond’s James River Park System, and many, many talented and knowledgeable individuals.


Coming soon -- runoff and the secret life of silt ...

foot stepping in silt