The James River Park System - Richmond, VA

Science in the Park


Science in the Park provides science-focused educational materials about the geology, habitats, and flora and fauna of the James River Park System in Richmond, VA.

We hope to enrich the Park experience for local and regional school systems, communities, visitors and regular users of the park through web-based, self-directed explorations, guides, videos, and lesson plans. Only when people know something can they love it; only when people love something will they cherish and protect it.
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Rock Pools
Urban Forest

Our project has been funded by ALTRIA. It is a collaborative effort between Virginia Commonwealth University’s Rice Rivers Center, Department of Biology, Ralph White, the Friends of the James River Park, the City of Richmond’s James River Park System, and many, many other talented and knowledgeable individuals.


iNaturalist screen shotBotany in the Flood Zone!

Explore the riverside and floodplain habitats with John Townsend, Botanist with DCR’s Natural Heritage Program. Our James River Park System sprawls along the Fall Line, a dynamic and ever-changing area that Richmond was built on. The James is an agent of force and renewal in this area, with plants at river’s edge adapted to stressful, flood-scoured habitats and those of the floodplain thriving in the rich blanket of nutrients the James lays down. Human activity and floods have had their impacts, but the flood zone contains much for the curious naturalist. Although the primary focus of this walk is botanical, birds will not be ignored!

WHERE: Pony Pasture parking lot, 7310 Riverside Drive, Richmond VA, 23225

WHEN: Saturday, June 20, 2015

TIME: 9 am to noon

BRING: Camera or iPhone, binoculars

REGISTER: Contact Anne Wright at to sign up. Can’t make it? Don’t worry, there will be other walks later in the summer.

Caught on Camera!

See our game camera project in the Animals section. You'll be amazed to find the variety of species we have roaming around the park!

Science in the Park Video in RVA Environmental Film Festival

The latest Science in the Park video on blueback herring and American shad spawning in our great river was a runner up selection in the 2015 RVA Environmental Film Festival and was shown on the big screen on Sunday, Feb 8, 2015!