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Invasive plants are non-native species capable of overtaking natural communities, and many of them are endangering the James River Park System (JRPS). Invasive species can dramatically alter natural ecosystems by decreasing biodiversity (the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem). They can be aggressive and can crowd out native plants, increase tree mortality, alter soil composition, and reduce habitat, including food sources, for native birds, mammals, amphibians and insects.

See what JRPS and other local organizations are doing about it and how you can help – at your home or business or by volunteering in the park.
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Study Area Updates

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Fall/Winter Volunteer Days Begin Again at Pony Pasture

October 23, 2018
Sure, everyone loves just hanging out by the rapids, contemplating the force of the river, soothed by the sound of the roaring water. But . . . How can you truly relax knowing the park right behind you is being eaten alive by invasive plant species!?!?  That’s how I feel anyway.   So come join … Continue reading Fall/Winter Volunteer Days Begin Again at Pony Pasture Read more

Not Everything Green Is Good for the James River Park System

February 7, 2018
Being “green” doesn’t always equal being “good.” Many of the plants that are now green in the James River Park System actually threaten habitat for native birds, butterflies and other creatures. Many of these plants are not native to our continent and are invasive species.  Chances are some of them are in your neighborhood, and … Continue reading Not Everything Green Is Good for the James River Park System Read more

Restoration Expands at Pony Pasture

November 19, 2017
On a clear, bright, and breezy Sunday afternoon five volunteers eased into the soil at Pony Pasture Rapids over fifty plants of species native to riparian areas in our region.  This is the second annual fall restoration planting in this area previously infested densely with invasive wintercreeper. Removal work is ongoing.  We planted: Heuchera americana (Alumroot), … Continue reading Restoration Expands at Pony Pasture Read more

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