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Volunteer in the Park

Do you have talent, passion, and a little time? Great! Get out there! There are regular clean-ups along Riverside Drive and the annual JRAC clean-up at Pony Pasture and Reedy Creek in September. There are also other opportunities to plant native species or uproot invasive ones, repair trails, paint things, etc. Or, if you’d like to educate the public about the Park, there are docent spots available!

Become an Official Park Volunteer

In the of fall 2014 we initiated a new sign-up procedure -- partnering with HandsOn Richmond to reach a larger audience. To register for a James River Park volunteer event, you must register with HandsOn Richmond.

Register now!

JROC Volunteer Effort | Saturday, Feb. 6, 9am to 11am

Participants will be working on bridges at the Wetlands, 3401 Landria Dr., 23225. Since parking is limited there, consider walking from the parking lot at the Pony Pasture, 7310 Riverside Dr., 23225. Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty, bring work gloves, water, and a snack. Register online at

FOJRP Volunteer Effort | Saturday, Feb. 12, 9am to noon

The Friends of the James River Park is seeking volunteers to help remove invasive English Ivy vines from trees next to the park headquarters at Reedy Creek. We will be working in the area the goats were grazing a few months back. Volunteers will meet in front of the park headquarters. All tools and supplies will be provided. Please wear long pants and closed toe shoes. Please bring work gloves if you have them. Monthly volunteer events require registration at

JRA Volunteer Effort | Saturday, Feb. 27,1 to 4pm

Celebrate National Invasive Species Awareness Week by learning about invasive species and help remove them from Chapel Island in the James River Park System. The afternoon will include an indoor training portion from 1-2pm to teach citizens about the problem of invasive plant species, our biggest invasive offenders around Richmond, removal strategies, and how they can use this knowledge in their own garden. From 2-4pm, we will put our new knowledge to work and remove invasive species from Chapel Island. Folks are free to participate in the training and hands on portion, or just pick one. The training is free and pre-registration is required. Register now.

Pony Pasture and 22nd Street Dry Docks/Belle Isle Cleanups

The James River Park System is seeking volunteers to do an ongoing trash cleanup at Pony Pasture Park and 22nd Street and Belle Isle. Volunteers will need to be able to walk about a mile and be able to hop rocks. Trash bags, grabbers and gloves will be provided. Please bring water and a snack.

This opportunity is a referral and is managed by JRPS directly. Please express interest below to indicate to the agency your interest in participating. All volunteers who plan to attend must express interest. Check upcoming dates and express interest using the HandsOn links below.

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Other Opportunities

Need help figuring out how you want to help the park? See below and talk with Matt Mason, JRPS Volunteer Coordinator,

Any Saturday

Almost any Saturday you have free time, you can help keep the James River watershed clean by going to and finding a location that needs your strong back and warm heart.

Students Needing Volunteer Hours

The James River Park System is a great place for students to gain an appreciation for our natural environment while racking up community service hours. Whether it’s cleaning up trash on the shoreline, painting structures in the park, removing graffiti, maintaining trails, or clearing invasive species, we’ll point you in the right direction so you can pitch in.

Grow Your Own Volunteer Job

All FOJRP activities take creativity and coordination to pull off. If you don't see an opportunity here that suits you or uses your particular skills or talents, please get in touch and suggest your own volunteer gig. If you’d enjoy fundraising, event planning, new projects and solutions, or are interested in joining our board, we’d also love to hear from you!

Do it yourself volunteering

If our schedule doesn’t suit yours, on-your-own trash pick up is always appreciated, especially at Pony Pasture and Belle Isle. (Snorkeling for trash is just one of the do-it-yourself fun times you can have in the park.)

at the pumphouse picnic

After a morning spent at JRAC’s annual clean‐up, some FOJRP friends and members take a moment to admire the Pumphouse view at the annual picnic.

Be in the Know!

For upcoming volunteer events (Friends and related organizations), we’ll send word through Facebook (become our Fan!) and send updates via E-news (sign up today!).

Volunteers are important!

Volunteers play a vital role in the life of the JRPS. Clean-ups, graffiti removal, invasive species removal and native replanting, trail improvements, fundraising, event planning, promoting, board membership: these are all tasks performed by park volunteers. The impact of their service is evident throughout the park.

As a way to acknowledge the contributions of our volunteers, we assigned a dollar figure to the 7,177 hours given to the park in 2014. Although there are a number of ways to calculate an hourly rate, we used the Federal Government's recommended figure of $22/hour and came up with a total man-hour value of $157,894. 

While this total is surprisingly high, it is in the nature of volunteering where we truly find its worth. The virtue in volunteering is much deeper, much more fulfilling and much more important in contributing to a healthy and vibrant community than money can ever measure. Volunteerism is priceless!

We offer a special thanks to all of you who gave your time to benefit the park in 2014!

We count on our friends ...

... like Seven Hills, which donates middle school muscle for park projects every month on their River Day!

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