Board Members

Our board meetings are open to the public. We meet the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. Email us at for more information.

  • Nancy Fowler, president
  • Katherine Godin Mitchell, vice president
  • Patrick PJ Fanning, secretary
  • Shawna Shade, treasurer
  • Catherine (Cat) Anthony
  • Justin Doyle
  • Kelly Gotschalk
  • Mary Martin
  • Scott Silvester
  • Larry Socha
  • Karen Thomas
  • Kevin Tobin
  • Greg Velzy
  • Nathan Burrell, Ex Officio


FOJRP committees are open to all members and include:

  • Events
  • Land Acquisition
  • Fundraising
  • Communications
  • Membership

Email us at if you’d like to help the cause.

Eleanor Cox watercolor

Board members don't like to stand still long enough to be in a picture. Instead, please enjoy this Eleanor Cox watercolor of a James River boating scene, donated by John Hessian to the Friends in February 2011.

RIVER LOVERS interviews:

from James River News Hub

Matt Perry, Riverside Outfitters
WHY YOU LOVE THE JAMES: It’s incredible, natural beauty that changes with the seasons. Diversity of recreation options. Nature dictates the character of the river — not men and dam release schedules. It’s a collective backyard for us all in a time when “apart” seems to be more prevalent than “together.”

Molly Dellinger-Wray, Friends of the James River Park
WHY YOU LOVE THE JAMES: As a proud city dweller, I love living in a neighborhood where I can walk to my bank, job, grocery store and post office. Ralph White calls James River Park, “A little bit of wilderness in the heart of the city.”

Betsy Slade, Friends of the James River Park
WHY YOU LOVE THE JAMES: Peace, serenity, escape from daily hubbub, beauty of an eternal river that is always there and always different. (Note: She can often be found at the river with her canine companion, Baxter)